• The unique shape of our insoles & midsoles create a consistent experience for the consumer.

  • A perfect blend of comfort & support is achieved through the design philosophy of Proprioception (the users perception of movement & spatial awareness).

  • The surface contact area in increased which is perceived by the foot as support, thus relaxing the muscles, reducing fatigue resulting in elevated comfort & performance.

  • Dynamic Foam designs share a common architecture, but are customized based on individual customer needs.


Shape creates comfort. By using an anatomical shape to increase the surface contact between your foot and insole, you are allowing the foot to be supported and thus relax; increasing blood circulation and allowing the 100 muscles and 40,000 nerve endings in your feet to function properly.

There are 2 main features of our shape: the arch profile and the heel cup. The arch is the hinge of this support mechanism and the deep countered heel cup helps secure your foot to the shoe; minimizing pronation and foot movement.

The outsole is what locks you to ground, the insole is what locks you to the shoe. Comfort and performance must be looked at from top down, accounting for the whole of the product. Creating a biomechanical shape, deep wrapping heel cup, structuring arch, brings a natural alignment and comfort to the foot.