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Not Your Dad’s Ski Boots: 5 Tips to Create a Better Fit

Ski boots are a tricky breed of footwear. They’re composition and function are highly technical by design- incorporating numerous components, each with their own purpose and explanation. This can make it challenging for a consumer to connect the dots and navigate a wall of ski boots- unsure which applies best to them. Whether you’re a [...]

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Every Component Matters: An Inside Look at the Insole   The average consumer can be broken down into a few broad categories when shopping for a new pair of shoes. The brand-driven customer: loyalty to a certain brand that they know and trust to deliver consistent performance. The person searching for a perfect aesthetic: look, [...]

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The Yin & Yang of Footwear.   The human foot is a remarkable structure that brings together elements of mechanics, advanced biomaterial, physics, and geometry to create a finely tuned instrument; one perfectly suited to the physical demands of humans. Leonardo Da Vinci called the foot “a masterpiece of engineering,” but to access its full [...]

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